5,14,14 Rhythm Aces, Madison WI


Jazz Fans:

    Andy Schumm can’t be with us May 14 after all, because a recording

obligation he has ended up with the recording session being that night

(Fat Babies, with Pokey LaFarge). After considering possibilities to

keep this May 14 as an exciting and interesting night, we were

successful in getting Zack Lozier,  the trumpeter who appears to me to be

to the Twin Cities what Andy Schumm is to Chicago—the “in demand”

trumpeter/cornetist specializing in 20s and 30s and New Orleans style

jazz!  I know it will be fun for the band and for the audience to have

some “new” sounds as we play together for the first time!  As you

know, the Twin Cities’ Bill Evans will also be with us on trombone.

(Unfortunately, Bill and Zack will be driving separately, and getting

Zack is a big expense, but I’m confident in taking the risk that you

generous Fans will help us bear the cost.)

     You can read about Zack on his website at www.ZackLozier.com.

He’s appearing with another jazz band in Grand Rapids this weekend,

and will be in Madison with the Southside Aces on May 17, playing for

the Roaring Twenties Ball at the Majestic Theater. 


Date:         Wednesday, May 14,  2014


   Time:          6 PM to 9 PM



(elevator access), 232 E. Olin Avenue, Madison 608 251

2434<tel:608%20251%202434> (reservations unnecessary).


                          Sandwiches, dinner, drinks available

      Cover charge:   $10. (If under age 18, free.) However, the

cover charges aren’t enough to compensate those outstanding musicians

(not referring to me) who drive long distances from Chicago, Twin

Cities and elsewhere, so we ask for generous contributions to our “tip

jar” from those who can afford it.


   Musicians:  The Rhythm Aces–a New Orleans Style Jazz Band

            Andy Schumm, cornetist, of Chicago and New Berlin, is a

University of Illinois music major graduate. Andy performs in the

Chicago area and indeed around the world, with the Fat Babies, other

jazz bands, and his own bands. He writes period arrangements for other

bands. Andy is a multi-instrumentalist, being superb on cornet, piano,

clarinet, saxes, and drums.


           Bill Evans, trombonist, of the Twin Cities, has been a

Madison favorite musician for years, and has driven down to fill in as

the string bassist with both the Aces and the Vagabond Reeds in our

performances at the Coliseum Bar. He leads the Bill Evans New Orleans

Jazz Band which performs regularly in the Twin Cities and elsewhere.

           Dave MacGregor, on  clarinet and soprano saxophone, and

co-leader, of Milwaukee and Grant County, has played music of this

vintage (as well as mainstream jazz and swing music) since his high

school days. His traditional style seeks to emulate that of Sidney

Bechet and other New Orleans reedmen.


           Andy Anderson, banjoist and vocalist, of Wilmot, WI, near

the Illinois border, has been playing banjo professionally for over 40

years.  He pleases the musicians and audiences with his strong rhythm

and chords, his solos, and his singing.


           Dan Shapera, of Geneva, IL (near Chicago) has been a

“first call” string bassist for many years, having been called upon to

play with Bud Powell, Chet Baker, and many jazz luminaries. He toured

with Barrett Deems and the Dukes of Dixieland. Dan’s a pleasure to

have with us providing his solid beat and creative solos.


           Jim Carney, drums, of St. Charles, Il, has his own jazz

band and also performs in the Chicago area with other bands such as

Roy Rubinstein’s Chicago Hot Six.


     Directions going EAST or WEST on Beltline (12 and18): Exit 263

(John Nolen Drive); .8 mile to intersection with E. OlinAve ( second

stop light); Turn left from John Nolen, and Coliseum Baris the first

driveway on right side of Olin.