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This show was as enjoyable as it was gripping.  This Clement World, a one woman show by Cynthia Hopkins is a very thought provoking look into climate change and possible outcomes of our society’s current course of action.  I could see much of the show from my vantage point (a rare treat!).

Cynthia Hopkins’s writing and performing talents shone brightly, buoyed the 16 musicians and singers, partially hidden behind a scrim on stage, and occasionally revealed with bright lights.  We were basically IN the show!

I met a number of wonderful artists from the Twin Cities and from New York and also felt honored to work at the super-hip Walker Art Center.  Wil Smith, the musical director and condutor was a joy to work with.  I met a local trombone player named Larry Zimmerman whom I’ve never worked with before, and had the opportunity to work again with Erica Burton, viola, who I met working on the DeVotchKa show a few weeks back.

I thoroughly enjoy my diverse playing schedule of late, and relished every moment of this opportunity.  Thanks to JT Bates for recommending me and Julie Voigt and Cynthia for hiring me!


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